Jack Shepherd victim’s family launch civil claim as he pens ‘open letter’ to tell his side of the story

Jack Shepherd victim's family launch civil claim as he pens 'open letter' to tell his side of the story

“I don’t expect to see a penny but it should ensure some county court judgments against him,” he said.

“I was determined to do it just to make his life a little bit harder.”

Shepherd fled to Georgia last March and lived there for ten months until handing himself in to police last week after his whereabouts become the subject of intense public scrutiny.

His lawyers have vowed to fight extradition, claiming his life could be in danger in a British prison if he returned home to serve the six-year sentence he received.

Shepherd’s finances became the subject of a Ministry of Justice investigation after it emerged he was paying his Georgian legal team fees of up to £15,000 privately and took out loans totalling £50,000 before going on the run.

He could be forced to pay back more than £30,000 in legal aid he was awarded to fight his original manslaughter case if found to have moved assets to avoid detection.

A ministry source told The Daily Telegraph officials were looking at his finances and will also alert the Court of Appeal after he was granted leave to appeal his conviction.

Shepherd has been told he will spend at least three months in a Georgian jail, pending extradition hearings.

Shepherd is being held in a cell with two other inmates and “feels safe and well,” his lawyer told the Telegraph.

He is understood to have written an open letter explaining his version of the night Miss Brown lost her life shortly before handing himself into police.

He has complained that the Old Bailey jurors who convicted him were swayed by emotion and did not hear his side of the story because he absconded.

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