Jailed banker’s £1m ring from Harrods seized by crime agency

Jailed banker's £1m ring from Harrods seized by crime agency

UK authorities want to know how the couple could afford to buy their £15 million house in Knightsbridge as well as the  Mill Ride golf and country club in Ascot, bought for £10.5 million. 

It was alleged that she paid a deposit of £4 million for the house in 2009 and had cleared her £7.4 million mortgage in just five years.

Details of Mrs Hajiyeva’s lavish spending habits, which were laid bare in the court process, revealed that she had spent £16.3 million at Harrods between 2006 and 2016.

NCA investigators claimed she had used 35 different credit cards issued by her husband’s bank to fund shopping sprees and on one occasion had spent £150,000 on jewellery.

She is also said to have owned a £35 million private jet and had a wine cellar stocked with some of the world’s most expensive vintages.

At Westminster Magistrates Court, District Judge Michael Snow granted detention of the ring, worth £1.19 million, for six months to allow further investigation in order to determine whether the item is recoverable.   

It was noted that when her husband worked for the state bank in Azerbaijan, his salary was estimated to have been around £54,000 a year. 

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