James Milner says Liverpool are ready to claim silverware after last year’s ‘bitter’ Champions League final defeat

James Milner says Liverpool are ready to claim silverware after last year's 'bitter' Champions League final defeat

“The thoughts of the run we had, the teams that we beat and the confidence that we gained. Then you see how we are playing in the Premier League – we have only lost one game – that is confidence and helping us move forward as a team.”

Bayern’s cautious approach demonstrated the respect for Klopp’s side from the most esteemed European opponents. It was another sign of how far Liverpool have developed under the German coach.

“I’d like to think teams have that respect for us,” said Milner.

“We got to the Champions League final last year. We got to the Europa League final in 2016. We are challenging for the Premier League. Whether teams take notice is not really for us to worry about. But they take notice after they have played us and we have put them out.

“We have played better games but it is a different sort of performance that you need here to beat a top team like Bayern. You could see some of the experience that we have gained over the last few years come through.

“There is always room for improvement. The experience came through and we restricted them but there were a couple of times were sloppy on the ball, there a few sloppy decisions when we played a bit quick and we could have controlled it a bit more. All in all, though, I would be nit-picking. To come here and win like we did? Well’s that’s the team we are and we are a pretty young team.”

Milner would prefer to avoid English opposition in Friday’s quarter-final draw.

“To have four teams in the last eight is great for England. I don’t particularly want to play any of the others, to be honest,” he said.

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