Joe Kennedy, scion of America’s most famous political family, sets his sights on US senate

Joe Kennedy, scion of America's most famous political family, sets his sights on US senate

In January 2017, as many Democrats were still reeling from Trump’s win, Kennedy – first elected to Congress in 2012 – suggested that party leaders should be listening better to the economic worries of Democratic voters who bolted the party for Trump, saying that not taking the time to understand those voters would be folly.
He also argued that Democrats – then in the minority in the House – had to try to cut the best deals they could with Republicans.
“You’ve got to fight, but you’ve got to also try to move an agenda forward,” he said at the time. “If you’re just out there screaming and yelling, there are people out there who need help and need help now and they deserve progress, too.”
Kennedy has also spoken frequently about what he calls “moral capitalism” – a less politically fraught term than “socialism” but one that has become central to his political worldview in the Trump era.
Markey is a formable opponent. He served for decades in the House before joining the Senate in 2013.
Markey has been quick to point out his endorsement by Democratic U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. The two have worked to push for the Green New Deal initiative.

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