Jose Mourinho ‘almost 100 per cent’ certain to return to Real Madrid after European champions’ defeat to Ajax

Jose Mourinho 'almost 100 per cent' certain to return to Real Madrid after European champions' defeat to Ajax

“There has been nothing (between me and the club) – not even the minimum contact. I haven’t done that (spoken to the players or the president). Like you say, there are rumours. But rumours in football are bad.”

Not all rumours, it seems. While Mourinho may not have had any direct contract with Madrid, as he has claimed, it is understood there have been discussions between representatives.

Madrid are already 12 points behind league leaders Barcelona, who also knocked them out of the Copa del Rey, which means their season is already over.

The pressure is mounting on club president Florentino Perez, who has maintained a good relationship with Mourinho, having hired him in the first place, and has always indicated he would like him to go back at some stage.

Whoever takes over at Madrid has a huge re-building job to do with an ageing squad, that needs clearing out with better players signed, and saddled with a crippling wage bill and without the kind of budget to buy new players that would be expected.

Whether that appeals to Mourinho remains to be seen but it is understood that there have been positive noises from his camp about the possibility of making a return.

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