Judy Murray: I was blown away by what Andy did and yet I shouldn’t have been…he’s a born competitor

Judy Murray: I was blown away by what Andy did and yet I shouldn’t have been...he’s a born competitor

You could tell that Monday was a special night whenever the cameras panned to Andy Murray’s player box. His ashen-faced brother, Jamie, was clearly suffering, to the point where he looked like a man attending a funeral. This is the reason why the brothers usually prefer to find a hidden corner for the surveillance of each other’s matches: they simply struggle with the stress.

Meanwhile, mother Judy was also experiencing a gamut of emotions, particularly while her son was absorbing a standing ovation after the final point. Afterwards, however, her response was almost entirely positive.

“I went from being concerned for him to just being like, ‘God, this is what you’re all about’, and it was great,” Judy Murray told a small group of reporters in Melbourne on Tuesday.

“When you’ve not been playing matches, you’re mentally rusty and obviously he was physically rusty because of his injury. But I think from the second game [of the third set], when he turned round and he went, ‘Let’s go’, I thought, ‘You’re going to be OK’.

“He started using all his court craft and all his guile and all the things he enjoys about playing: the drop shots and the lobs, making life difficult and almost like toying with someone. I’m not saying he was toying with Roberto [Bautista Agut] because Roberto is an unbelievable player, but that’s what he always enjoyed about tennis from a very young age.

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