Jurgen Klopp says ‘I am not a nervous person’ before crucial week in Liverpool’s title hopes

Jurgen Klopp says 'I am not a nervous person' before crucial week in Liverpool's title hopes

However, Klopp is not the type of person who will be poring over the possible permutations. Instead, he uses logic and process, classic German traits, to draw confidence from what he is doing at Anfield and how he previously had success at Borussia Dortmund. That can only help as the pressure increases and the potential glory of a first league title since 1990 comes ever closer.

“I am not a nervous person and so I was never nervous before we won the first title at Dortmund,” he says. “That’s how it is. Experience showed me that the way I did it in the past worked, so I didn’t change. The only thing I always knew is to do the right thing as often as possible, stay focused on your own way and don’t think about the other things around, and do it as much and as good as you can.

 “Then, if you are good enough, it will happen. If not, it will not happen. That is pretty easy. Our tool to sort the situation is football. That is the only thing we can do. There was pressure last year when we played City away in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, and we dealt with it.

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