Justin Gimelstob to return to court for assault case hearing

Justin Gimelstob to return to court for assault case hearing

A week after triggering a political storm within men’s tennis, the broadcaster and former doubles champion Justin Gimelstob will return to a Los Angeles courthouse on Wednesday for the latest hearing surrounding his assault case.

Gimelstob has been accused of attacking venture capitalist Randall Kaplan on Oct 31. According to the victim’s statement, he knocked Kaplan to the ground in front of his wife and young child, and hit him in the head and face 50 times, shouting “I am going to kill you”.

However, Gimelstob has been able to maintain his position on the ATP board despite being involved in criminal proceedings and even while taking a leave of absence from the Tennis Channel. He is said to be the most influential of the three player representatives on the board, and last week he joined them in voting to oust Chris Kermode as ATP president.

The decision not to renew Kermode’s contract – which was also supported by player council president Novak Djokovic – caused fallout, with the tournament council expressing its “sincere disappointment” and Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal complaining that they had not been consulted.

Gimelstob’s continuing role within ATP politics was confirmed at a board vote in December. At the meeting, board member David Egdes, the only one of the six other members to vote in his support, was asked how it could be right for Gimelstob to continue to discharge his ATP duties, even as he took a break from the Tennis Channel while he attempted to clear his name. Egdes replied that Gimelstob would be on the commentary roster for the Australian Open. This did not prove to be the case.

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