Kingdom Hearts 3 release date, the story so far and everything you need to know

Kingdom Hearts 3 release date, the story so far and everything you need to know

So what’s Kingdom Hearts 3 all about then?

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the latest and concluding chapter in the ‘Dark Seeker Saga’, which has seen the keyblade wielding Sora travelling a vast variety of Disney worlds; teaming up with Donald Duck and Goofy under the leadership of King Mickey to thwart the vile Xehanort and his ‘Heartless’.

As Sora once again, accompanied by Donald Duck, Goofy and pal Riku, you must track down the Seven Guardians of Light and the ‘Key to Return Hearts’. You will scrap your way through frantic, varied combat with up to five other party members; visiting Disney worlds as far flung and disparate as Toy Story, Frozen’s Arendelle and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Certain characters such as Woody and Buzz Lightyear will be able to join your exploring party, while other Disney characters –such as Wreck-It-Ralph or The Little Mermaid’s Ariel– can be deployed as devastating attacks. Ralph, for instance, builds up bricks around enemies before smashing them all to smithereens.

While it will play very similar to previous Kingdom Hearts games, it is far larger in scope, with much more varied combat with more combinations and special attacks. The various Disney-themed keyblades now have their own unique move, while Sora can conjure up moves based on theme park rides –such as Splash Mountain crashing through giant bosses– as his most powerful attack. It’s nothing if not thrillingly bonkers and, as Kingdom Hearts 3 is built in Square’s proprietary engine (one of the reasons it took so long), is looking fabulous.

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