Life Sport at Point Chaud (Contemporary Art Daily)



Artist: Life Sport

Venue: Point Chaud, Lausanne

Exhibition Title: Greyt (Ed. 7, underground)

Date: December 8, 2018 – January 20, 2019

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Images courtesy of Point Chaud, Lausanne.

Press Release:

Since 2015, the art space Life Sport in Athens has been organizing exhibitions and events that are funded through selling sweatpants editions and sweatpants collections. The sweatpants are home-made and locally produced. Life Sport is therefore as much a sportswear brand as an artist collective; an exhibition space as a shop; a relaxed life-style as a micro-community; a Factory as a situationist project. Those fluid identities only merge into the sweatpants, the multitude’s grey uniform from which Life Sport has made their protean mask.

For the “Greyt” show at Point Chaud, Life Sport introduces its new sweatpants edition, entitled “Underground”. In one of Lausanne’s underground walkways, six castaways are facing outwards, their empty pockets turned inside out and their legs soiled—a display of grey zones. An ethic of self-effacement seems to emerge from the constraints of their transparency. Between power and resistance, the joyful affirmation of trade still remains. Our digital exclamations and calls for the comeback of a golden age find their half-hearted slogan here: Greyt.

Point Chaud is a series of art interventions in Lausanne’s St-François underground walkway, conceived by Sylvain Menétrey and Delphine Monnard in coordination with the City of Lausanne. The two-exhibition and one-musical- evening programme unfolds over a three-month period, before the walkway’s makeover. Point Chaud slips into the urban and temporal interstice to try out open and sensible forms of dialogue with the public.

Link: Life Sport at Point Chaud

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