live score and latest updates

live score and latest updates

IT’S HERE! THE BIG ONE! Man City vs Liverpool, a potential title decider and it’s live, tonight. Tonight! It’s tonight!

Oh it could be a thriller. An action packed, explosions in the background, cars flying over ramps into buildings, Jurgen Klopp fleeing on a rope ladder from a helicopter, Michael Bay production. It could also be a tense 0-0. 

I know which one I’d prefer but when asked to guess what will happen, as I have been, my answer is always the same. Absolutely no idea.

Both Pep Guardiola and Klopp have been sharing loving notes to each other (“no, your team is the best in the world <3”) and neither is wrong. Liverpool are perhaps the most exciting, dynamic attacking team on the planet on current form but don’t forget how Man City controlled the Premier League last season. Injuries may be their undoing here but an overly cautious or wild approach to the match would spell disaster and have big consquences. Lots to decide.

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