live score updates from today’s ties 

live score updates from today's ties 

For some of us it will always be Harvey, Reaney, Madeley, Bremner …; others will find Brown, Baker, Henry, Blanchflower, Norman, Mackay … tripping off the tongue like a mantra; Lawrence, Lawler, Byrne, Strong, Yeats, Stevenson … are reeled off by rote in one half of a city, West, Wright, Wilson, Gabriel, Labone, Harris in the other. 

For all the shoddy treatment of this great competition from hubristic clubs with delusions of grandeur to match their insignificant achievements, people who should know better advocating regulations should be optional for certain clubs with myopic preoccupations and the FA’s failure to value its integrity in myriad ways, the Cup still matters to those who sustain the game in this country, the supporters.

So for one day let’s not mither foppishly about the ‘burden’ of replays. It’s the third round of the FA Cup – the opportunity to put yourself on the road to immortality and before kick-off  hope springs eternal for everyone. If it didn’t, what’s the point?

Any road – today’s 2pm kick-offs, switched bafflingly and sadistically by the demands of the international broadcasters are:

Fulham vs Oldham
Man City vs Rotherham
Millwall vs Hull
Preston vs Doncaster
QPR vs Leeds
Sheff Utd vs Barnet
Woking vs Watford

Join us for team news as soon as they are announced. 

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