Liverpool have overcome a defensive crisis against Bayern before

Liverpool have overcome a defensive crisis against Bayern before

“But I have been in coaching and management a long time now and I came to see it much differently as the years passed. It was the Liverpool coaches who built it that way, creating players who took responsibility. For them, it was about creating ‘winners’. That was what they focused on. Are you a winner?

“Bob just went about it in a very quiet way, saying the right things at the right time with the back up of experienced staff.

“There were no presentations or tactical discussions, looking at the opposition. “But when you think back, you got all the information you needed in a different way, just a quiet word from the manager or coach about the man you were marking, whether he would look to go on your outside or inside, details like that. A simple task to focus on.

“Bob’s instruction to me before the game was simple.

“‘We trust you, you will be fine,’ he said. It was Roy Evans who looked after me, Colin and Howard Gayle. He built our confidence.

“I was not inexperienced but I did not feel part of the first XI. I had 250 league games behind me, captaining Scunthorpe and Fulham. I was not a newbie, but that arena and environment was different. The size of a game was a step up. It was something I had never experienced before or since.”

The subsequent 1-1 draw is generally celebrated for Gayle’s brilliant contribution, sent on for the injured Dalglish with the instruction to ‘run ragged’ the Bayern defence. A combination of Gayle’s exhaustion and fear he would receive a second yellow card after some intimidating German tactics meant he too was subbed before full-time. His job was done.

Ray Kennedy’s 83rd minute away goal proved conclusive.

“It turned out quite comfortable,” says Money.

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