Liverpool hoping history does not repeat ahead of Crystal Palace’s visit 

Liverpool hoping history does not repeat ahead of Crystal Palace's visit 

Liverpool could be forgiven for feeling a twinge of anxiety at the prospect of facing Crystal Palace this weekend.

Aside from being the last visiting team to win a Premier League game at Anfield – in April 2017 – memories linger of Palace’s role in ending the club’s last title bid of 2014, an infamous 3-3 draw.

Roy Hodgson’s recent victory at Manchester City served as a useful reminder of his side’s ability to bloody the nose of the elite – the cruel joke on Merseyside after that result being it was ex-Liverpool manager Hodgson’s most positive contribution to the Anfield cause. The Palace’s coach’s brief stint at the club is not fondly remembered.

Jürgen Klopp admitted he has not overseen a level of surveillance of Palace games to rival Marcelo Bielsa’s level of scrutiny, but the City fixture was enough to act as a warning.

“I watched 51 games,” Klopp joked. “No, I saw [the City] game in particular. They scored a beautiful goal. Hopefully Townsend will not do that again,” said Klopp.

“It helps it was against City rather than the other way around [against Liverpool]. I watched three different types of games, and at least two away games but one home game as well because it gives you a better picture of what they do. If you let Crystal Palace play, they are really good.” 

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