Maori tribe bans replica of ‘barbarian’ Captain Cook’s ship from port on journey to make 250th anniversary

Maori tribe bans replica of 'barbarian' Captain Cook's ship from port on journey to make 250th anniversary

The New Zealand village of Mangonui has banned a replica of Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour from docking in its port in response to objections from the Māori community to the “barbarian” explorer.
The replica is part of a fleet circumnavigating the country as part of a series of events commemorating the 250th anniversary of Cook’s arrival in New Zealand and the early contact between the Māori and Europeans.
The head of Northland’s Ngāti Kahu tribe, Anahera Herbert-Graves, told Radio New Zealand that Cook was “a barbarian”.
“Wherever he went, like most people of the time of imperial expansion, there were murders, there were abductions, there were rapes, and just a lot of bad outcomes for the indigenous people… He didn’t discover anything down here, and we object to Tuia 250 using euphemisms like ‘encounters’ and ‘meetings’ to disguise what were actually invasions.”
The ban drew support from First Nations people in Australia, where there has been fierce debate over Cook’s legacy, re-ignited last April when the government announced a new memorial to the Royal Navy captain would be built at Botany Bay as part of a $50 million redevelopment to commemorate the 1770 landing there.
Noongar Elder Ben Taylor, a leader among the Aboriginal people of South-West Western Australia, told The Daily Telegraph that a similar ban should be put in place across Australia.

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