Mauricio Pochettino sees ‘limit’ to Tottenham’s future direction as they hit buffers again

Mauricio Pochettino sees 'limit' to Tottenham's future direction as they hit buffers again

As he sat in the directors’ box, the Tottenham manager, Mauricio Pochettino, was surveying all-too familiar territory. Not so much the stadium he left behind, apparently in tears, for north London in 2014. More the well-trodden ground of a Spurs implosion.

With one Premier League point accrued from their last possible 12, Pochettino’s side have sunk from title contenders to also-rans. 

This run of relegation form has put Champions League qualification, something that looked a cast-iron certainty a month ago, suddenly in jeopardy. And, in the St Mary’s media room, Pochettino did not hold back in his analysis of what a third defeat in four matches meant, not just for his side’s prospects, but for the club’s future direction.

“That is a clear example that we are still not mature enough,” he told Talksport radio. “When you talk a lot and when you find a lot of solution, it’s only one way, it’s to try to change, making different decisions that’s from the past. 

“Of course, maybe that is our limit. It’s a little bit sad, but maybe we need to start to think that we need to operate in a different way from the start of next season.”

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