Mexico’s former president Enrique Pena Nieto ‘took $100m bribe from El Chapo’

Mexico's former president Enrique Pena Nieto 'took $100m bribe from El Chapo'

At the start of the trial, one of Guzman’s lawyers, Jeffrey Lichtman indicated that jurors would hear testimony about bribes paid to both Mr Pena Nieto and Mr Calderon, and suggested Guzman was the victim of a conspiracy by government officials and his narco-rivals to destroy him.

At the time, Mr Calderon dismissed the allegations as “absolutely false and reckless,” and the judge in the case, Brian Cogan, reprimanded Mr Lichtman, saying some of it included “inadmissible hearsay” about corruption.

“Your opening statement handed out a promissory note that your case is not going to cash,” the judge said.

Mr Regino, who denied collaboration with the cartel at the end of last year, told The Telegraph that he did not take seriously the accusations against Mr Pena Nieto, dismissing it as being without sufficient detail and impossible to believe.

“The defence strategy is to generate doubt in the jury as to whether Joaquin is a leader in the cartel,” he said.

“They’re trying to present the idea of a corrupt government, which has created this mythical leader – and this government also wants to show the US they are doing something about it.

“But this point about $100 million is far to vague to be believed. How was the money handed over? Where? And why? Lichtman didn’t ask, because he didn’t want his own witness to discredit himself.”

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