Mordaunt tells charities to ‘chill out’ over UK aid target and slaps down DFID critics

Mordaunt tells charities to 'chill out' over UK aid target and slaps down DFID critics

In her speech she hailed the “heroic work” of small charities, pledging to make it easier for them to respond to global disaster. She unveiled £3.35million of funding for Humanitarian 2 Humanitarian (H2H), a network of small international aid organisations providing specialist services in disaster zones.

“The UK has world class organisations, specialist in areas like mapping and translation. The services they supply can often mean the difference between life and death. This funding will help them get on the ground more quickly and support the delivery of life-saving aid on the frontline,” said Ms Mordaunt. 

She highlighted organisations such as BBC Media Action, Translators without Borders and Internews, which help aid workers better communicate and share information with affected communities.

Ms Mordaunt also announced she will lift the funding cap on the Small Charities Challenge Fund (SCCF) to support small, grassroots UK charities working in developing countries.

Under the the £4 million programme, launched in July 2017, charities could apply for up to £50,000 but that cap has now been removed.

“People often associate the work UK aid does with large charities and organisations, but some of the best and most innovative work is being done by small organisations. In every community across the UK there are amazing people inventing new ways to solve problems and improve lives,” said Ms Mordaunt.

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