Morse is back in uniform, but there’s a puzzling lack of imagination

Morse is back in uniform, but there's a puzzling lack of imagination

Been and gone are the days when Inspector Morse scripts were parcelled out among leading playwrights. Russell Lewis has come up with all 27 episodes of Endeavour (ITV) since 2012, including four more in this sixth series. It places quite a burden on one imagination to produce satisfactory whodunits.

This episode felt undercooked.  The disappearance of one girl consumed much gumshoe time only to be bathetically revealed as the result of a fatal car accident and a far-fetched cover-up which gave the episode its underwhelming title (Pylon).

Another girl’s disappearance took  its cue from horrendous news stories of men imprisoning abductees for years. While nodding to Degas and Lewis Carroll, it…

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