MP spoken to by police over ‘sexual touching’ in Commons bar

MP spoken to by police over 'sexual touching' in Commons bar

“I have been worried about Ross,” the MP told the Scottish Herald.

Mr Thomson was elected in 2017 as part of the Tory revival in Scotland. He previously worked as a councillor, and an MSP.

In 2016, while in a civil partnership, he was ordered to repay a £120 hotel bill after sharing a taxpayer-funded hotel room with a male friend. Party bosses were said to have cautioned him that the overnight stay could be “misinterpreted”. Mr Thomson later hired the friend, a former Labour candidate, to work in his office.

In February he complained that since his election he had been subjected to “personal, hateful and intimidating” abuse on Twitter, some of it homophobic.

“I have been called every name under the sun and some have even called for me to be hanged,” he wrote.

In April he was criticised for posing on Saddam Hussein’s throne while boasting on Facebook that he had been able to “channel my inner dictator”.

It comes after Commons authorities launched a crackdown on the drinking culture at Westminster, following repeated claims of sexual harassment against MPs. Alcohol free zones have been created across the Parliamentary estate, while MPs and staff have been told to stop returning to their offices to drink after closing time.

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