‘Murray legacy must not wither’

'Murray legacy must not wither'

Judy Murray has made an appeal for more investment in Scottish tennis before the window of opportunity surrounding her sons Andy, 31, and Jamie, 33, closes for good.

Andy Murray is currently busy with his rehab after having a metal socket implanted in his right hip, but he continues to aspire to a return to professional tennis. Meanwhile Jamie stands at No 6 in the doubles rankings.

“The time has to be now,” said Judy. “Whatever happens this year, Andy and Jamie won’t play forever, but we can make the most of what they’ve achieved and we can do that now.

“We need more public tennis courts, more indoor courts and a much bigger tennis workforce to get more people playing the game – and that is how we should measure legacy. This is not about statues or new, branded tournaments. It’s about investing in people.

“The word ‘legacy’ is always spoken about with the right intentions across a range of sports, but I don’t want us to waste any more time talking about it – I want us to see action and delivery to make sure the legacy is realised and not left to wither after the boys’ playing careers have come to an end.”

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