‘My French bulldog pup is soiling his bed. What can I do?’

'My French bulldog pup is soiling his bed. What can I do?'

Dear Pete

My cat has recently been “banned” from sleeping on our bed as she was affecting my husband’s breathing. I want to buy my cat a heated pad to lie on at night but my husband thinks it could be dangerous. What do you think?

JS, London

Dear JS

A heated bed (try petremedy.co.uk) is an excellent way to give cats comfort. These run with a safe low voltage and built-in thermostat designed to be left plugged-in continually.

There is minimal risk unless the pet interferes with the plug itself, which is unlikely. You can also buy bite and scratch-resistant microwaveable pads (e.g. SnuggleSafe) which take minutes to heat up, then stay warm for up to 12 hours.

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