‘Mystery savings account with Ulster Bank is causing confusion’

'Mystery savings account with Ulster Bank is causing confusion'

Some years ago my wife and I put some money in a savings account with Ulster Bank. My recollection is that it was a one-year investment and at the expiry I cashed everything in. However, at 86 my memory is not great and it is conceivable that I could have left something behind.

We were surprised last year when we received emails from the bank, which I foolishly deleted. The implication was that we still had an active account. A few days later we each received cards, a Pin and card reader. I called the bank but was asked to put my query in writing, which I did three times but with no reply.

We had an email in January saying we should hear in four weeks but that was more than five weeks ago and I have heard nothing. I just want to know whether they hold any of my money.

JM, Hampshire

While you had a savings account with Ulster Bank some years ago, it transpires that the arrival of the cards and Pins had nothing to do with that.

In 2017 you were looking for a new home for some money. One of the options you considered was the Ulster Bank eSavings account and you went as far as opening an account before deciding that there was a better choice elsewhere.

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