new year men’s style resolutions

new year men's style resolutions

I’m loathe to indulge the green juice marketing bots by championing a “new year, new you” ethos, but casting an eye over my wardrobe in the mulchy grey drudge that was the return to work on Wed 2nd, I was struck by how formulaic it has become. Far more forward-thinking fashion editors than myself will extol the virtues of a “capsule wardrobe”, and while mine mainly consists of navy trousers, sobre shaded jackets injected with a more vibrant shirt, in the cold light of that January morning it seemed a tad dull.

Men’s wardrobes are by very nature of design more standard-issue than women’s; it will always consist of trousers, sweater or shirt (unless you’re particularly adventurous). But these minor adjustments will help freshen up your attire – and your attitude towards it – in 2019….

Sustainable menswear

Wastefulness is no longer acceptable and menswear is catching on; tailoring is notorious for offcuts that don’t get used. Stella McCartney has long championed an eco-friendly approach, and has launched regenerated cashmere for men, using fabric essential from the factory floor, cleaned and re-purposed. If you’re joining in with Veganuary, Watson & Wolfe is a new accessories brand that creates handsome not-quite-leather goods from plants and recycled plastics, while in New York the cult brand Brave Gentleman is committed to entirely vegan menswear and a “zero waste” policy, enlisting the likes of Alan Cumming to star in its campaign.

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