NHS will roll out electronic prescribing to curb ‘global health emergency’ of antibiotic resistance

NHS will roll out electronic prescribing to curb 'global health emergency' of antibiotic resistance

In his speech on Thursday, Mr Hancock will also unveil plans to reduce the number of resistant infections by 10 per cent by 2025.

The targets mean 5,000 fewer drug-resistant infections and at at least 15,000 fewer total healthcare-acquired infections a year.

He will say: “Imagine a world without antibiotics. Where treatable infections become untreatable, where routine surgery like a hip operation becomes too risky to carry out, and where every wound is potentially life-threatening.

“What would go through your mind if your child cut their finger and you knew there was no antibiotic left that could treat an infection?

“This was the human condition until almost a century ago. I don’t want it to be the future for my children – yet it may be unless we act.”

The Health Secretary will say he “could not look my children in the eyes” if he was not doing all he could to tackle the urgent threat.

“Antimicrobial resistance is as big a danger to humanity as climate change or warfare. That’s why we need an urgent global response,” he will tell the forum.

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