Niamh Emerson interview: ‘This is all so weird and new

Niamh Emerson interview: 'This is all so weird and new

“I got the picture with her, and the following year, we were both picked to go to the Commonwealth Games. 

“She followed me on Instagram and I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is so cool’. Then I met her there, and she was so tall in real life. But she’s really nice. Now I’m competing with her, and it’s weird.”

The new experiences will continue. Barring anything untoward, Emerson should gain the qualifying standard for this year’s World Championships early in the season before hopefully making her Olympic debut next summer.

Those Tokyo Games are “probably slightly too soon” for realistic medal aspirations, and Emerson is maintaining a more measured approach to future goals.

“I’m just trying to keep improving and see what happens,” she says. “I’m really honoured to be compared to people like Jess, but I don’t actually see it as comparable.

“If I think about myself this time last year, I was completely different and I would never have thought this whole year would have happened. So I have no idea what will happen – I just go with the flow.

“I see so many people change, and I think it’s just not me. At the end of the day, it’s athletics – a day later, you go back to normal life. You can’t really get big-headed.” Not even with people bowing at your feet.

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