Nigel Farage leads march over Brexit betrayal

Nigel Farage leads march over Brexit betrayal

Nigel Farage has joined protesters at the start of a 270-mile march over what they call a betrayal of the Brexit vote.

The march comes after another tumultuous week for Prime Minister Theresa May, in which MPs overwhelmingly rejected her Brexit divorce deal for a second time and voted to seek a delay in Britain’s exit from the EU instead.

In the pouring rain in Sunderland, northeast England – the first place in Britain to declare a vote to leave the EU – Farage, wearing a flat cap and carrying an umbrella, said Brexit was now in danger of being scuttled by the establishment.

‘We are here in the very week when Parliament is doing its utmost to betray the Brexit result,’ Farage said. ‘The message from this march is if you think you can walk all over us we will march straight back to you.’

The march, which began with about 100 people, is due to end at Westminster on March 29, the day of the UK’s supposed departe from the European Union.

Britain’s crisis over EU membership is approaching its finale as May continues to fight to build support for her divorce deal, which is expected to be put before lawmakers for a third time next week. Many Brexit supporters in her own party oppose the deal, saying it ties Britain too closely to the EU.

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