No confidence vote: What time is it, will Theresa May’s government win

No confidence vote: What time is it, will Theresa May's government win

The Prime Minister will then speak for the Government and at the end of proceedings MPs will vote. Under Parliamentary convention, MPs may have as little as 90 minutes to debate the motion, before they are asked to cast their votes. 

The vote is expected to happen at 7pm.

The no-confidence vote on Mrs May’s government is completely different from the no-confidence vote she faced in December, when members of her Conservative Party challenged her role as party leader. She survived that vote unscathed.

Can the Government ignore it?

No, it cannot. Under established convention the Government must accede to the demand and make time for the debate and vote to take place.

The vote will take place at 7pm on Wednesday.

Is Theresa May’s government likely to win the vote?

Yes. If the Government wins there will not be a general election and ministers will carry on in office.

A Labour victory is remote, but not beyond the realms of possibility. To secure a majority, Mr Corbyn will need to secure the votes of all opposition MPs, including the Democratic Unionists. But on Tuesday night the DUP said it would support the Government, meaning Labour will need to peel off a considerable number of Tory rebels who are willing to vote themselves out of office.

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