Only seven days to donate to the Telegraph Christmas charity appeal

Only seven days to donate to the Telegraph Christmas charity appeal

For 28 years, the Telegraph has appealed to our readers at Christmas – and each time you have responded with extraordinary generosity.

Never was this more apparent than at Decembers charity phone-in appeal, which surpassed even last year’s fundraising record, raising £84,485 by the evening of 2nd December.

Cartoonist Matt, along with columnists Boris Johnson, Allison Pearson, Bryony Gordon and Celia Walden, were among those answering calls.

Mr Johnson said on the day: “I think it is wonderful what The Telegraph does and it is just great to see people’s generosity. Taking calls is so fun because of readers’ unstinting generosity. You can help them donate as much as they like and even split it up for those who want to go halves or three ways.”

And there is still time to donate as our charity appeal lasts until the end of January. Over the course of the past three decades, the Telegraph’s Christmas Charity appeal has typically sought to present three very different causes worthy of your support.

In 2018, however, there is a recurring theme – one that has cropped up time and again during our reporting of the past 12 months. Mental health is one of the great struggles of our age, something that can affect every one of us and at any point in our lives – from the isolation felt by an elderly person living alone, to the depression and anxiety coursing through a young teenage mind as they scroll through social media feeds on their mobile phone.

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