Paralympian accused of being “sad, lonely man” by restaurant boss after scathing TripAdvisor review

Paralympian accused of being "sad, lonely man" by restaurant boss after scathing TripAdvisor review

A Paralympian was accused of being a ‘sad, lonely man who thinks waiters are his friends’ by a restaurant boss after writing a scathing TripAdvisor review complaining about slow service.

Tim Challinor, 52, received a barrage of abuse when he shared his thoughts on family-run Tuk Tuk, which serves Indian street food in Eastbourne.

He criticised staff for not speaking to him enough and failing to serve him drinks, and said he would never go back.

But the eatery’s owner, Nobi Hussain, took exception to the comments and fired back, accusing Mr Challinor of having a “hissy fit” and giving waiters his “life story” when they were busy working.

He also suggested that Mr Challinor go on a dating website to find someone to go to dinner with instead of “ruining” their business by writing a negative review.

Mr Challinor, who has won a para cycling British Championship, took up the sport following a motorcycle accident almost 20 years ago. He collided with a pedestrian and was impaled on a fence post for an hour and a half, leaving him with partial paralysis in his arm.

After visiting the restaurant alone, he wrote on TripAdvisor: “Ate here two nights on the run as it was ok the first night. Novel idea with taster curries in little pots. The mutton was quite tasty.

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