Paul Scholes on his longing to return to football

Paul Scholes on his longing to return to football

“Yeah, it is a little bit strange,” Scholes admits. “I think it was always the manager’s idea that he would have us all involved in some capacity.

“I think he always wanted something similar to Bayern Munich or Ajax where there are always ex-players involved in the club, but it has just not happened. A lot changed at the club, obviously David Gill [the chief executive] changed as well.”

Does Scholes think this disconnect hurts Ferguson? “Don’t know, you’d have to ask him,” he said. “I always remember the last couple of years before his retirement he wanted us involved, wanted us to get our coaching badges, wanted us around the academy, around the club.

“Look, if we were offered roles it would be up to us individually to take them. If we had been given roles which we were happy with and we wanted to take them, then I am sure we would have done.”

With Mourinho now gone and another United old boy, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, revelling in the role of caretaker manager with seven successive wins and a return to attacking football, perhaps the door will open to the Class of 92 down the line. 

“I don’t know, you’d have to ask them,” he said. “If there is something in the future I am sure we would all be open to it.”

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