PFA yet to start review promised by chief executive Gordon Taylor

PFA yet to start review promised by chief executive Gordon Taylor

The Professional Footballers’ Association has still not made a formal approach to Sport Resolutions to lead an independent review of its organisation almost three months after chief executive Gordon Taylor made that recommendation.

On Nov 21, a statement from Taylor said that he was recommending a “full and open review into the structure and operation” of an organisation he has led since 1981. He then said that he wanted “the highly respected” Sport Resolutions to lead the sort of review that had been strongly advocated by PFA chairman Ben Purkiss.

Taylor’s decision to hold a review had followed an internal civil war after Purkiss, who has been pushing for the PFA to reform, had his eligibility to continue as chairman questioned when he became a non-contract player at Walsall.

The huge backlash that ensued only subsided when Taylor did agree to a review, but a spokesperson for Sport Resolutions confirmed this week that they have had not heard anything formally yet from the PFA and that no independent review had actually begun.

The PFA did not comment, but it is understood that the scope of the review is being considered by members of the management committee, which is still chaired by Purkiss, and that there is broad acceptance that Sport Resolutions would be an appropriate and independent body.

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