Play our Six Nations 2019 game for a chance to win the £5,000 jackpot prize

Play our Six Nations 2019 game for a chance to win a £5,000 jackpot prize

Welcome to Telegraph Fantasy Rugby, our exciting new 2019 Six Nations game that will test your selection skills to the limit.

As a Telegraph Fantasy Rugby manager, your task is simple – assemble a team of 15 players to score you fantasy points based on their performances in the upcoming tournament.

It’s free to pick a Telegraph Fantasy Rugby team and you can change your line-up as much as you like right up to the first kick-off at 8pm on Friday, February 1. You will then have four transfers to use in between each round of fixtures.

Do you pick based on reputation, like the majority will, or do you try to separate yourself from the rest by taking a gamble on a lesser light in the hope they will surprise us all?

Do you choose a finisher on the wing, or a man who makes the metres? Do you pick predominantly Irishmen or Englishmen, or is there an Italian very few else will have who could make all the difference?

Each team must have 15 players within the £100 million budget, including one nominated ‘Captain’ who will score double points during each game week. And there is no limit to the number of players you can select from any one country.

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