Rage 2’s crackling combat shines… when its open world allows it

Rage 2's crackling combat shines... when its open world allows it

Rage 2 has had its May release date circled in the calendar with a neon pink highlighter since it was first announced at E3 last year. While the first Rage may not have been the breakout hit wanted by its developer id Software, famous for the demon-smooshing action of Doom, this sequel practically demands your attention. Shrieks for it.

Its scorched, punk-apocalypse aesthetic and fast-paced hyper-violence have been front and centre so far. This is a first-person-shooter predicated on lightning quick-movement, brilliantly ludicrous weapons and power-ups to keep a combo-counter climbing.

It has the crunchiness of an id software shooter that few developers can match. But this is also an open-world game and a two-studio collaboration. The boisterous Swedes behind the Just Cause series, Avalanche Studios, are on the bulk of development duties with id Software’s studio director Tim Willits quarterbacking the project.

While peeks at Rage thus far have been quite rightly showcasing the purity of its action. This latest hands-on pulls back the curtain on its open-world and wider story. Set thirty years after the first game, you play as ‘Walker’ (man or woman), a resident of Vineland and a skilled fighter looking to lay waste to the nefarious ‘Authority’ that is claiming dominance over the wasteland.

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