Rust belt’s ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg sets his sights on Washington

Rust belt's 'Mayor Pete' Buttigieg sets his sights on Washington

The local business community has been impressed by what they have seen.

“We have been big fans from the time we first met him, when he threw his hat into the ring. We hosted a forum and he knocked people’s socks off,” said Jeff Rea, President of South Bend Chamber of Commerce.

“He impressed us right out of the gate. Pete is a regular guy even if he did go to Harvard and has all the academic credentials.

“Pete runs the city in a very businesslike way, making South Bend attractive to investors and he has had some success. 

“Our city went through some tough times when the national economy imploded. He has made people think differently, getting them to look forward rather than back, reminiscing about when we built Studebakers.

“He connects well. He is the sort of guy you would want to watch a ball game or have a beer with.”

Tim Scott, a Democrat member of the city council, says Mr Buttigieg has ushered in exciting times in the city.

“Pete brought a spark to the city and jump-started it.

“He will contemplate a decision before he makes it. Sometimes it can take a little time for people to get to know him. But he is very personable and listens to people. 

“He is not boisterous like our president, but very analytical.

“Pete would be a definite voice for the fly-over section of the US, which can be ignored from time to time.”

Whether Mr Buttigieg’s voice will be heard over the cacophony of other Democrat hopefuls is a matter of conjecture.

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