In 2011, he took up a coaching role with United’s reserves under manager Warren Joyce and has also done some coaching with Salford. He has yet to undertake his Uefa Pro Licence but has his other coaching badges.

In an interview with The Telegraph last month, Scholes admitted he had grown frustrated by his near six-year absence from professional football.

 “Saturday afternoon is the hardest thing,” he said. “I can go out and watch games but I’m constantly on my phone looking at results, ‘What score is this? What score is that’. You have no real involvement but you’re obsessed with it. I want that feeling back again of working towards something through the week, working towards the end game on a Saturday.”

“I’ve made no secret that I want to get back into football in some form of coaching. If that’s Oldham I don’t know. But I’ve got to a point now where, if something does come up, I don’t want to be sat at home wondering about it.

“It might be a massive failure but I want that sense of feeling again on a Saturday afternoon to have something to achieve. I want to be challenged. I’ve been sat at home for five years not challenged whatsoever.”

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