Schools are right to stop students from wearing trainers as it encourages ‘footwear competitiveness’, says Education Secretary 

Schools are right to stop students from wearing trainers as it encourages 'footwear competitiveness', says Education Secretary 

Mr Field told The Daily Telegraph that the punitive costs of paying for school uniforms were “becoming a barrier to social mobility”.

He said: “For all too many families in Birkenhead, the impact of these rip-off costs on household budgets has been catastrophic. 

“Poorer parents have had to fork out huge sums for their children’s uniforms and PE kits, often at the expense of putting food on the table.

“By exempting all items of school clothing from VAT, and ensuring adequate help is available for the poorest families, the Government would place itself firmly on the side of parents trying desperately to make their budget stretch from one week to the next.”

Writing in the Telegraph in 2016, Keith Metcalfe, deputy headmaster elect at Harrow School said that uniform was a “great leveller.”

“Boys at Harrow do not wear uniform simply for the sake of tradition, to feel they belong, or even to prepare them mentally to study,” he said.

“Like so many things at Harrow, our uniform is a great leveller. No two Harrovians are the same: some live in London, others much further afield in the UK or overseas; a number come from established Harrow families, others have no experience of public schooling; many excel in sport or the arts, while others are incredibly strong academically.

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