seven things Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings reminds people of

seven things Ariana Grande's 7 Rings reminds people of

The last we heard from Ariana Grande, the 25-year-old pop star had “politely turned down a damehood” – an honorary one á la Angelina Jolie, we presume. The singer-turned-soothsayer seemed to be incapable of doing wrong at the end of 2018, which was largely soundtracked by her hit single, Thank U Next and saw Grande put Kanye West in his place and receive her own hour-long special on the BBC.

But the upper reaches of the pop echelon are slippery, and Grande’s first release of 2019, 7 Rings, has attracted what could be seen as the beginnings of a backlash towards the otherwise invincible star. While the pink-tinged video has racked up a whopping 3.4 million views within five hours of its release, it’s also earned 23,000 down votes (albeit to 850,000 up-votes) on YouTube, it has also attracted a number of comparisons to other artists’ work.

Grande may claim in 7 Rings that she “write my own checks like I write what I sing, yeah”, and there are yet to be any claims of plagiarism – the song has barely been out for a morning – but here are all the things her latest effort brings to mind:

Princess Nokia

The Puerto Rican rapper Princess Nokia’s famously feminist (and intersectional) work has earned her a cult-like following since the release of tracks such as Bitch I’m Posh in 2013. The song that people are sharing through Twitter in the wake of 7 Rings’ release is one called Mine, which Nokia (born Destiny Nicole Frasqueri) released through Soundcloud a year ago.

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