Shamima Begum’s son dies in Syrian hospital

Shamima Begum's son dies in Syrian hospital

A paramedic working in the camp told the BBC the baby had died at 1.30pm on Thursday and had already been buried at the camp. The medic said that both Miss Begum and her son were rushed to a clinic under armed guard when he suffered breathing difficulties, apparently caused by a lung infection, which left a blue tinge on his skin. They were then transferred to hospital in Al-Malikiyah, northern Syria, where the baby was placed on a respirator and drip, but later died, his mother at his side. There was reportedly no doctor in attendance at the hospital.

Clive Stafford-Smith, the founder of Reprieve, said: “The British government posture, insisting that all foreigners remain in tents indefinitely, is immoral, a betrayal of our SDF allies, and ultimately unsustainable.

“Are we really adopting President Trump’s Guantanamo ’solution’ – that people should stay in detention for a hundred years if that is what it takes? Are the Kurds required to look after our children for their whole lives? Surely not.

“In the end, there is only one alternative, which is to take our citizens back, prosecute those who should be prosecuted, and help those who need help. The longer we delay this, the more children will die, and the more blood will be on the heads of our politicians”

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