Sir Nick Clegg says Facebook has saved ‘thousands’ from suicide

Sir Nick Clegg says Facebook has saved 'thousands' from suicide

In a departure from Facebook’s usually stance on new regulations, Sir Nick said the government should set news rules for tech companies.

“Frankly, one of the reasons that I wanted to join (Facebook) was because I don’t think it’s sustainable for tech companies to just say no we don’t like any, all regulation,” he said.

Sir Nick added: “Now clearly governments, particularly democratically elected governments as in Britain and elsewhere have a real role in setting the new rules, setting the tramlines, the boundaries for the internet.” 

However Sir Nick also cautioned that people “don’t want an internet where it’s all too controlled and you can’t express yourself freely”.

His comments came in his first interviews as Vice-President of Global Affairs, a role that comes with a rumoured salary of £7 million with bonuses.

The former Liberal Democrat leader said Facebook should pay more tax in countries outside of the US, including the UK.

The company’s accounts for 2017 showed that its revenue in the UK jumped by more than 50 percent to £1.26 billion, yet it recorded only £62 million in profit, leading to a corporate tax bill of £15.8million.

Sir Nick also announced Facebook is planning to strengthen rules around UK political adverts by expanding transparency requirements to causes, such as “immigration”, as well as parties and politicians.

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