Smart meter rollout ‘should be reviewed’ say MPs after latest delay

Smart meter rollout 'should be reviewed' say MPs after latest delay

The smart meter roll out should be reviewed in the wake of the latest four-year delay, MPs and campaigners have said.
The Government yesterday announced plans to extend the beleaguered programme by another four years after bowing to pressure from the industry watchdogs that its original deadline was overly ambitious.
It now wants there to be a further 14 million meters installed by the end of next year with suppliers given until 2024 to carry out the bulk of remaining work. Currently almost a third of households have one of the devices.
The costs of the rollout have risen by a further £2bn to £13bn, a new cost-benefit analysis found, and MPs have called for a review into the way the rollout has been implemented.
Dr Alan Whitehead, Labour’s shadow energy secretary, said: “The Government has made a calamitous mess of this rollout from the start, despite smart meters being critically important to our future energy system. 
“Other countries have simply asked network operators to give these out street by street, whereas this government’s complicated market obligation has clearly failed.
“Just extending the deadline and pressing the same buttons that don’t connect to anything is not a viable approach to get a full roll out of smart meters. Labour would review the methodology and ensure the rest are rolled out by effective methods.”

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