Spanish police rescue elderly man and woman locked up in ‘house of horrors’ in murder probe

Spanish police rescue elderly man and woman locked up in 'house of horrors' in murder probe

Spanish police are investigating a possible string of murders of expats by a couple who allegedly took lonely foreign pensioners under their wing and tricked them into handing over their properties and savings.

Officers from Spain’s Guardia Civil police arrested a German man and his Cuban-German wife, and freed two elderly people allegedly being held captive in the couple’s house in Chiclana de la Frontera, Andalusia.

A German man called Silvestre and a disabled Dutch woman in her seventies, identified as Elisabeth, were found immobile on beds inside small rooms, showing signs of being drugged with tranquilisers and suffering from malnutrition.

Their supposed carers, identified by the Guardia Civil only as Markus and Estrella, had been feeding them a meagre diet of sandwiches. Their alleged victims were attached to nasogastric tubes, keeping them barely alive in what investigators are calling the “house of horrors”.

Spanish investigators raided the property as part of an investigation into the disappearance of a wealthy German woman called Maria Babes, who signed over her property to the couple before her death.

An Italian man also died recently while under the couple’s care, and investigators suspect at least five potential cases of suspicious deaths involving pensioners, including a possible British victim.

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