Survey of players condemns Scottish Premiership’s use of artificial pitches

Survey of players condemns Scottish Premiership's use of artificial pitches

“Football is, of course, an entertainment industry, but our members do not enjoy playing on artificial surfaces in particular. The SPFL recently agreed television contracts meaning that Premiership matches will be seen all over the world and this can only be good for Scottish football.”

“To keep improving, and to capitalise on the feel-good factor, our members are of the view that having quality pitches to play on is of vital importance. Our members in the Premiership want to see regulation in place that will ensure all Premiership pitches are grass which are maintained to the highest standards.

“The standard of grass pitches in the Premiership has improved, particularly since the Pitch Rater App has been in place, therefore there is no reason why clubs at the highest level cannot have a well-maintained grass pitch.

“Our members in all divisions feel artificial surfaces are often over-used and the priority seems to be community use, not first team matches, therefore these surfaces drop in standard very quickly. Players in the Championship, League 1 and League 2 ask for a quicker turnaround when replacing the artificial surfaces they play on.” 

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