Teenage boy stabbed to death with ‘Rambo knife’ when he refused to hand over his bicycle, father says

Teenage boy stabbed to death with 'Rambo knife' when he refused to hand over his bicycle, father says

Police confirmed that they are looking into the possibility that it could have been a targeted attack, saying that they aren’t ruling anything out at this stage of the investigation.

The boy’s mother, Reziye, visited the scene and said: “We are devastated. This violence must stop.”

Islington councillor Paul Convery said the area has been plagued with gang troubles for years, with four fatal stabbings in Islington in 2018.

“There is long-running antagonism between the Cally Boyz and EC1,” he said.

“Violence in this area has been happening quite regularly and there has been a growing concern something more tragic could happen.

He said that there were “unpleasant parallels” with the murder of Alan Cartwright in 2015, who was just 15 when he was stabbed while riding a bike on the Caledonian road. Nedim is the second teenager to be killed in the capital in 2019, after 14-year-old Jaden Moodie was knocked off a moped and stabbed to death by a group of men in Waltham Forest on January 8.

Police patrols in the surrounding areas have been stepped up, and a Section 60 stop and search order, which allows police to search anyone in a specific zone, has been authorised. 

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