Tesco’s vegan haggis ‘would make Robert Burns scoff’

Tesco's vegan haggis 'would make Robert Burns scoff'

Vegan haggis on sale at Tesco would make Robert Burns “scoff”, the body representing Scottish butchers has said. 

The supermarket has for the first time introduced a meat-free version of one of the famous Scottish dish to UK stores ahead of Burns night on Friday.

Replacing the traditional ingredients of sheep’s offal and suet encased in intestines, are various nuts and vegetables, catering for the rocketing number of Brits who are choosing to reduce their meat consumption.

But Douglas Scott, chief executive at the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders, has said that Robert Burns, the bard who the annual occasion was set up to celebrate, would not approve of Tesco’s right-on offering.

He said: “Robert Burns enjoyed haggis so much that he stood up and competed a address to it. If you listen to this, he gives the impression that its going to give you power and strength. That is not the impression you get from the vegan haggis and, I think he would be scoffing at it.

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