The best Chromebooks to buy

The best Chromebooks to buy

Chromebooks have been flying high since their launch a few years ago. A cheap alternative to traditional laptops, they offer a safer environment for surfing the web, as well as smooth performance. They have become a popular choice for those after a simple option.

The devices run on Google’s Chrome operating system, which means they can run slickly with pretty simple hardware and little more power than most tablets. Chromebooks operate largely like laptops, but due to their operating system cannot download programs or apps except through Google’s store.

But this means they don’t slow down, unlike some Windows laptops, meaning they don’t need to be updated as regularly to be kept safe and secure. Plus, since you can pick up a decent Chromebook for under £200 there has never been a better time to think about buying one instead of a notebook. 

How to choose a Chromebook

If you want a Chromebook you will probably be looking at a device best suited for use online and something portable that is not made to sit on a desk all day. Most Chromebooks come cheaper than laptops and are designed for online tasks such as web browsing, email or streaming videos with using Chrome OS. 

What operating system do they use?

Chrome OS is the operating system developed by Google for Chromebooks. It is built to use the Google Chrome browser and apps from the Google Play store. It is optimised for online use but most apps can be used without a Wi-Fi connection.

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