The Koenigsegg Jesko – the world’s first 300mph megacar

The Koenigsegg Jesko - the world's first 300mph megacar

In a world of expensive and complex hybrid engines —  like in the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari, Porsche 918 and the recently announced Aston Martin Valkyrie — where an internal combustion engine is assisted by an electric motor, the engine in the Jesko is superficially old-school.

The engine block is from a Ford, but has been developed beyond recognition by von Koenigsegg and his engineers. Twin-turbocharged, it produces 1262bhp on standard super-unleaded.

That’s probably not enough for 300mph, but flush that out and refill with petrol/ethanol blend E85 and the Jesko’s output increases to 1578bhp and that might be. But take note, that’s more than two and a half times the output of the famous McLaren F1 which reached 221bhp in 1993. 

Will the Jesko do it? Well if there’s one trait that has differentiated Koenigsegg from other supercar building wannabes is that when its 46-year-old founder says he’s going to do something, he usually does it. 

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