The secrets of Richard Gere’s enduring good health (and glowing looks)

The secrets of Richard Gere's enduring good health (and glowing looks)

Tonight, Hollywood royalty Richard Gere stars in the eagerly anticipated new BBC2 show MotherFatherSon as media tycoon Max.

It’s standard at this point to refer to Gere as a silver fox. Certainly, his character of Max in MotherFatherSon is a magnetic presence: Gere cuts an impressive figure as a self-made American businessman at the helm of one of the world’s most influential media empires.

It might be nearly 40 years since he was immortalised in American Gigolo, and his hair may be a lot whiter, but Gere emphatically still has it. Indeed, his co-star Sarah Lancashire has admitted it was hard “‘trying not to fancy”  him. To which I say: stop fighting it, Sarah.

So, what’s the secret to Gere’s…

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