‘There’s no reason for panic’ – Virgil van Dijk remains his usual calm self after defeat Champions League to Napoli

'There's no reason for panic' – Virgil van Dijk remains his usual calm self after defeat Champions League to Napoli

Virgil van Dijk, the Liverpool centre-back, has shrugged off any possibility of European defeat to Napoli becoming a meaningful setback in the club’s ambitions this season.
The 2-0 loss in Italy means Jürgen Klopp’s side has lost its last four away fixtures in the group stage of the Champions League, and six of their last eight away ties inclusive of knockout rounds.
But the defeat was Liverpool’s first competitive defeat since being beaten against Barcelona in the semi-final first leg in May.
“We’ve been performing since the start of the season outstanding so there’s no reason for panic,” said Van Dijk. “The majority in the game we played well, we put them under pressure, we created opportunities on the break, there’s a lot of positive things. The only thing that is not positive is the result.”
The Dutchman rejected the idea the performance served as a reminder of the challenges ahead.
“A wake-up call? I don’t know if it’s a wake-up call. Both sides were full in the game, thought it was going to be a draw,” he said. “Obviously the penalty changed it all and you’re going home with no points, but it shouldn’t be a wake-up call. 
“It happens, it’s football. Things happen like that. Sometimes you wish in the end something different, or you pick the other pass instead of the right pass. It’s always like that sometimes. We had moments in the game we could’ve done better. If the penalty wasn’t there I think it was going to be a draw. The reality is we conceded the penalty and unlucky that Adrián is unable to save it.”

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