‘Tip-off from friendly intelligence service’ led to arrest of suspected Iranian spy in German military

'Tip-off from friendly intelligence service' led to arrest of suspected Iranian spy in German military

The case is a potential embarrassment for the German armed forces. Abdul Hamid S had served as a military translator since the 2000s, and was subject to high level security clearance checks before he was allowed to work with the electronic warfare unit.

The Iranian charge d’affaires was called to the German foreign ministry over the case, and the Iranian intelligence operative involved has been told his movements will be closely monitored in future, according to Spiegel.

In a separate case, an Iranian diplomat accredited to the country’s embassy in Austria was arrested in Germany last year on suspicion of involvement with a planned bomb attack on an Iranian opposition event in Paris.

The German authorities have not commented on the latest allegations.

“Abdul Hamid S. is strongly suspected of having worked for a foreign intelligence service,” federal prosecutors said in a statement on the case on Tuesday. “The accused was a translator and cultural advisor to the Bundeswehr. In this capacity, he is suspected of passing information to an Iranian intelligence service.”

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